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10 Reasons Santa Is Better Than God

    1. Santa doesn’t care if you believe in him or not. He’s not that insecure.
    2. Santa rewards and punishes people based on their deeds, not whether or not they kissed his ass enough. (see #1.)
    3. Santa’s punishment is, at worst, coal. Santa never flooded the planet (Gen.7:21-22,) had pregnant women be ripped up and have their little ones dashed upon rocks (Hos.13:16,) and never threatened anyone with eternal torment in a fiery pit (Matthew 13:41-42.) Santa isn’t fucking psychotic.
    4. Santa’s reward for goodness is presents. Something practical that you can use. Something you can get every year. You don’t have to be dead to get it.
    5. Santa doesn’t want you to be good for him, or for the reward of presents, or for the fear of coal, but to “be good for goodness sake.”
    6. No one has ever killed, waged war, interfered with school curriculum, attacked science, or interfered with laws and government in Santa’s name.Nor has anyone used Santa as an excuse for bigotry against minority groups. You don’t see any “Santa hates fags” signs around, do you?
    7. None of Santa’s elves have ever gone rogue and waged war with the North Pole. Santa is a competent leader and keeps his people in line. Or maybe hanging with Santa is just better.
    8. Santa does not demand brutal human sacrifice on a cross. He’d just appreciate some milk and cookies. And maybe some carrots for the reindeer. Torture? He’ll pass.Oh, and he doesn’t want any of your money, either.
    9. NORAD tracks Santa every year. That’s just awesome.

      You can also get your picture taken with Santa in stores. God has yet to pose with me or my dog.

    10. Although neither god nor Santa are real, no one judges your character for not believing in Santa.

But I AM In Danger…

I wrote about a visit to a Planned Parenthood in Denver, some time back. I don’t know why, but I was thinking about it again last night and I remembered something that I neglected to talk about before.

“If you were the one in danger of being killed, wouldn’t you want someone to step in and help?”

That’s what one anti, who would just not leave me alone, said to me when I called her out for being a bully, harassing women. At the time, I think, I said something to the effect of “if you really thought that people were being killed in there, I’d like to think that you’d be doing a lot more than just standing around outside, yelling at people.” I wasn’t buying her bullshit for a second.

But it occurred to me last night that I, along with every other woman, actually am , on a regular basis, in danger of being killed. And that, thankfully, there is someone steeping in to help me. This “someone,” however, is not that screaming anti or any of her ilk. No, they’re people who are really endangering my life by being antis and harassing people outside clinics and attacking women’s human rights at every turn – people like that awful woman who followed me that day. Meanwhile, this “someone” stepping in to defend me is actually a whole population of people – the pro-choice movement, and specifically Planned Parenthood itself (and clinics like it.)

I regret now that I did not have the presence of mind, at the time, to say all that. I can only imagine what her stammering, misogynistic excuse would have been. She probably would have dismissed the deaths she’s caused as “suicides,” as was her young protegé’s method of deflecting responsibility and pissing on her victim’s graves.

But it is true. Blocking access to women’s reproductive rights, particularly abortion rights as was the topic of “conversation” (if you can call it that) at the time, kills women. 67-68 thousand every year, according to the World Health Organization’s estimates. And the people responsible for those deaths are the antis. They are the ones killing people. And with the audacity to say things like, “If you were the one in danger of being killed, wouldn’t you want someone to step in and help?”

Fuck you, you anti-choice, anti-life fucks. Only pro-choice can honestly claim to be pro-life.

Thankfully, these monsters aren’t as powerful as they think they are. As was the case here in Colorado last year with amendment 62, Initiative 26 in Mississippi failed to strip women of personhood status by robbing us of our rights to prevent or end pregnancies. Make no mistake, that’s what these so-called “personhood amendments” are really about.

Why Are Pro-Choice People So Angry?

A little fun with Dan’s Awesome Rage Maker. I really should get a new tablet. Cross-posted on my other blog.

The Figure In My Room

I’ve written about this once before on my old blog, but a recent twitter conversation has caused me to think about it again. He was one of those theists who liked to use his religion to try to interfere with human rights. Today, he was on the atheist tag on twitter, trying to talk about the science of god. Not surprisingly, when asked for proof of god, he had nothing apart from saying that he experienced god, something he could not prove and did not elaborate on at all. So I told him that I once had an experience, and, unlike him, I did elaborate.

When I was 11 years old, I got sent to a foster home after catching the falling bullet belonging to someone somewhere in town who was celebrating New Years the very, very wrong way. I’d been taking all pretty well, waiting for the whole mess to be cleared up so I could finally go home to my innocent parents. But as the weeks went by, as I was isolated from my parents, siblings, and friends, I began to despair. Maybe I would never go home.

Then one night, something happened. A person, who I instantly recognized, appeared to me in my room, at the foot of my bed. I sat up in my bed, back resting against the headboard. I never questioned how or why that person was there, I merely accepted it. Of course it had to be real. The person and I had a long, tearful conversation about my situation. The person told me not to lose hope, that I’d go home soon, among other things that I don’t remember. Then, slowly, the figure vanished right before my eyes. I was alone again, sitting on my bed in my dark room, my face wet with tears.

I could have seen a number of things. The person that I saw could have easily been Jesus or an angel, especially as I was still Christian at the time. If that had been the case, I might have gone on believing that was real and would still be a Christian, calling that experience proof. But that isn’t what I saw. The person that I saw was my mother, who could not possibly have really been there. So I guess my experience is proof of ghosts? Maybe I would think that, if it weren’t for the fact my mother was still very much alive and well. What I experienced was not a supernatural visitation, but a very vivid dream, maybe even a stress-induced hallucination.

So, what does my experience demonstrate? Not gods or ghosts. What I learned from that experience is that not all experiences are real. Just because someone believed that they experienced god or something supernatural doesn’t mean that the really did, however convinced that they are. I learned that someone claiming to have experienced something is not actual evidence. What I learned was the auto-deceptive power of the human mind.


Now, I’ve gotten a lot of hate mail from various places. Most of it has been on my YouTube channel, back when I was more actively posting, and some has been on my pro-choice blog. I guess that is to be expected. I can’t say that I really mind. I don’t care much what other people, especially anti-choice misogynists (same thing, really) think of me. Besides, it makes for some amusing blog fodder.

Feeling much the same way as a dog-owner does when she discovers a “present” in her living room with her foot, I found this pile of dog shit on the About section of this blog. It’s from yet another anti, of course. This is one that’s been pestering me for some time on Twitter, apparently believing that his mindless rants about imaginary babies and equally imaginary gods are totally unique (and not the same crap I’ve seen a million times) and will convince me that women are, as he believes, nothing more than breeding machines rather than full human beings whose lives matter.

Thank You for not having children…

It’s so amazing how I can be thanked for not having something I’ve never wanted to begin with. What’s even more amazing is that this anti apparently doesn’t see the irony of him saying this, seeing as he’s a member of the group of  people who deceptively call themselves “prolife” (or, as I like to call them, misogynist scum) and makes it his business to force people to have babies against their will.

If that is your attitude towards them, then you are helping the world by not reproducing! (NOT ment in a hateful manner)

If what is my attitude towards children? I’ll point out now that this comment doesn’t seem to be a clear response to anything. It’s just a comment on my About page, where my only mentions of children have been stating that I don’t have or want them. I don’t see how stating that I don’t have and will never have children is expressing an attitude towards children. I was stating a fact about myself, not an opinion about others. If this is meant to be a response to something I’ve said elsewhere, it’s not clear what.

He is right about one thing. I am helping the world by not reproducing. Everyone who knows better than to reproduce and doesn’t do so is helping the world. If only fewer people would reproduce, this world would be a much better place. I wonder how this anti reconciles this fact with his obsessive need to control women by forcing us to carry unwanted pregnancies?

Because the God that you deny exists still loves you very much…Really!

I stress that I haven’t cut anything out of this antis comment. The statement about me helping the world by not breeding is immediately followed by the above line. I am helping the world by not reproducing because god loves me. Never-mind that god isn’t even real, how the fuck does that sentence even make any sense?! Besides that, the grammar-Nazi in me wants to scream that this isn’t even a complete sentence. Because the god that I deny exists and loves me very much… what?

Oh, and which god that I deny are you talking about, delusional misogynist? I don’t just deny your god, but every god. I deny each of them for the exact same reasons. Take your imaginary friend and shove it.

Have a blessed life!

If bigots like you would stay out of it, I would!

P.S. Who created the outdoors that you love so much? Yes, it was God, Because He Loves You!!!

No one. The outdoors aren’t created. The planet and the life that later appeared on it are results of natural processes, which involve no “who,” especially not your imaginary who.  I won’t degrade the majesty of nature by wrongfully crediting its existence to your imaginary friend, rather than standing in awe of the natural geological and biological processes spanning billions of years coming together to form the breathtaking environments I so adore. As Douglas Adams once said, “Isn’t it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?”


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