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Happy Holidays

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Huh. Seems I’m forgetting something…

Oh, yeah, now I remember, how silly of me!

Fuck you, American Family Association (why do hate-groups made up of Christians so frequently include “family” in their name?), you misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic, ignorant, fundamentalist pricks!


“Higher Things” Part One: Atheists Know God, Apparently.

I once thought that the Washington Post was a legitimate newspaper with actual journalists, integrity, and interest in facts. Evidently, I was wrong, as has been shown to me by the mere existence of an ongoing column, Higher Things, written by Vasko Kohlmayer, man so devoted to his religion that he has completely divorced himself from reality.

The column is pure fail right from the title of the very first article. “Atheist or agnostic: We all know God” … As I pried my hand away from where it had impacted my face, I could tell already that this was going to be painful.

After I managed to stop smacking my face with my palm every damned time I read that nonsensical title, I started to actually read the article. It’s just as illogical as the title would lead any rational person to expect. Hell, maybe it was even worse.

Kohlmayer starts with an anecdote, which was passed along to him from someone else (because those totally make for compelling evidence, right?) about someone he’s known who had back pain until he started talking to himself god. A 55 year old man with back pain? It must be because he was an atheist. Obviously his relief couldn’t have come from his body’s natural ability to heal over time, or from the help he received at the hospital, it must have been GAWD!

And, being someone who believes the bible, you know that the author took this story as truth. Not only did this actually happen (no need to verify anything like a journalist might, but god heals everyone who asks (never-mind how many Christians yet have persistent health problems). Moreover, that this atheist man knew that there was a god to reach to in time of need, therefore all atheists secretly believe in god, an assertion that is the main thrust of the article.

Hilariously, the author tries to claim personal experience. He claimed to have once been an atheist who knew there was a god, despite the meaning of the word “atheist.”  I always laugh when people try to claim to be former atheists. Maybe some exist, but for the most part the speaker is just misusing the word to refer to the time before they converted fully (or were “born-again”) to their particular religion. Yeah, not really the same thing.

To back of his point, he does what any theist does when they have no real evidence to support their assertions, he quotes the bible. Paul says that god can be clearly seen, therefore everyone secretly believes not only in god, but in this particular version of it. Oh, well, I’m convinced. If a character in a book said it (even a book that has zero credibility with me,) it must be true.

It’s difficult to make serious refutations when all a writer does is make nonsensical assertions, with only a fantasy book to back him up.  The only response that an unsupported claim deserves is “no.” Like the claim that god exists, the claim that atheists secretly believe in god is completely without merit. That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

Seriously, the argument for the existence of god, in this post, boils down to “babies, flowers, sunsets, therefore GAWD!” I’m not kidding. I wish I was being facetious here, but I’m not. He really thinks that people secretly believe in god when they see those things.


Obviously, atheists and agnostics don’t believe in god. That’s what those fucking labels mean. I no more “know” that god exists than I “know” that leprechauns, unicorns, fairies, and elves do. Despite what this guy claims, I have never experienced god (no one has) even though I have tried very hard to while I searched desperately for an excuse to cling to the label “Christian” which had be foisted upon me by adults when I was a child. The assumption that I have had the “epiphany” of feeling god’s presence is pulled completely out of the authors own ass and has no basis in reality. He’s just making shit up.

I may as well say that the author secretly believes that the Wizards described in the Harry Potter books exist, simply because I do (as far as anyone knows, anyway,) and use the Harry Potter books themselves as evidence. Maybe I’ll even pass along a story from someone, who knew someone, who knew someone, who knew someone who had a broken arm, who cast a healing spell on herself and was healed (but of course it took several weeks.) Ta-da, Kohlmayer secretly believes in wizards. And he calls atheists “self-deceived.”

I don’t secretly believe in your imaginary friend, jackass. Get over yourself.  (Seriously, this sort of self-serving bullshit reminds me of all the natalism-obsessed people who obnoxiously insist that I want to ruin my finances, body, and life by having babies like them.) This guy has to believe that we secretly believe in god to make himself feel validated. Facing the fact that some people really don’t buy the religious bullshit that he’s fallen prey to might cause him to question the rationality of his own beliefs, and he can’t have that.

All atheists and agnostics secretly believe in this author’s particular version of god. Why? Because Kohlmayer is so insecure that he needs to believe that this is the case. Maybe, deep down, he knows that there really is no god and he’s only wasted years of his life on this bullshit.

There’s more where this load came from.

But I AM In Danger…

I wrote about a visit to a Planned Parenthood in Denver, some time back. I don’t know why, but I was thinking about it again last night and I remembered something that I neglected to talk about before.

“If you were the one in danger of being killed, wouldn’t you want someone to step in and help?”

That’s what one anti, who would just not leave me alone, said to me when I called her out for being a bully, harassing women. At the time, I think, I said something to the effect of “if you really thought that people were being killed in there, I’d like to think that you’d be doing a lot more than just standing around outside, yelling at people.” I wasn’t buying her bullshit for a second.

But it occurred to me last night that I, along with every other woman, actually am , on a regular basis, in danger of being killed. And that, thankfully, there is someone steeping in to help me. This “someone,” however, is not that screaming anti or any of her ilk. No, they’re people who are really endangering my life by being antis and harassing people outside clinics and attacking women’s human rights at every turn – people like that awful woman who followed me that day. Meanwhile, this “someone” stepping in to defend me is actually a whole population of people – the pro-choice movement, and specifically Planned Parenthood itself (and clinics like it.)

I regret now that I did not have the presence of mind, at the time, to say all that. I can only imagine what her stammering, misogynistic excuse would have been. She probably would have dismissed the deaths she’s caused as “suicides,” as was her young protegé’s method of deflecting responsibility and pissing on her victim’s graves.

But it is true. Blocking access to women’s reproductive rights, particularly abortion rights as was the topic of “conversation” (if you can call it that) at the time, kills women. 67-68 thousand every year, according to the World Health Organization’s estimates. And the people responsible for those deaths are the antis. They are the ones killing people. And with the audacity to say things like, “If you were the one in danger of being killed, wouldn’t you want someone to step in and help?”

Fuck you, you anti-choice, anti-life fucks. Only pro-choice can honestly claim to be pro-life.

Thankfully, these monsters aren’t as powerful as they think they are. As was the case here in Colorado last year with amendment 62, Initiative 26 in Mississippi failed to strip women of personhood status by robbing us of our rights to prevent or end pregnancies. Make no mistake, that’s what these so-called “personhood amendments” are really about.


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