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Some Mass Effect Fanart. I own nothing.

The Day I Broke Free

I am not my reproductive capacity. I’m a person, not a person factory. I am not a slave to the role others would impose upon my. My life is my own. My body is my own.


I hope to clean this up and color it.


Face Assignment

My final assignment for my portfolio was to complete a face. I was give a rough outline of a head, and my task was to make it human. I’m not great at portraits, but this is what I got:

Character Creation

Earlier in the week, I wrote about drawing figure sketches as part of an assignment to build a portfolio for an art school. My second assignment was to create characters. Of course, there was a catch. I had to build this characters around a few pre-made lines, which I was to download.

It wasn’t easy to build characters around pre-made squiggles, but I’m satisfied with these.

Some Old Scribblings

A friend of mine from high school. Paining in oil from a photograph. Picture taken with crappy camera. Blurry. :(

Still life watercolor paining of some flowers of a type I don’t recognize.

For the senior year art final, one of the things we were tested on was sketching another classmate under a time limit. Pencil and paper.

Some friends of mine form high school goofing off in a photobooth. Drawn in pencil from a photograph.


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