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The Avengers, DVD vs Blu-Ray, and Lost Faith In Humanity

Ok, so this has not much to do with anything.

Last night I was browsing on, because that’s window-shopping for lazy folks. Anyway, I came across the product page for The Avengers movie. (It’s not released yet, but people can pre-order.) I was a bit surprised when I saw a number of 1-star reviews for what I thought was a pretty good movie (I saw it in theaters twice) so I checked them out.

The prevalent gripe seems to be that the DVD version of the film does not have all of the same special features that the Blu-ray version has. And for this, and this alone, some people gave the movie a 1-star rating.

That is just ridiculous.

It would have been one thing if people gave poor reviews if they saw some major flaw with the film, or if there was an error with the disk (the movie hasn’t had private release yet, so they wouldn’t know if it did.) But for special features? Really? Special features have nothing to do with the quality of the movie, and they certainly aren’t grounds for a 1-star review. (Back in the stone age when we all still watched movies on VHS, they didn’t really even have extras.)

Worse, a few people even cited the fact that they don’t have Blu-ray players and shouldn’t be “punished” for not buying them. Another person, one who evidently had some sense, commented humorously pointed out that the movie wasn’t available on VHS at all and joked that he shouldn’t be “punished” for having a VCR (internet high-five for that guy.) Come on guys, Blu-ray has been out for years. DVD will soon be phased out just like VHS was, and you won’t be able to buy DVDs at all anymore. You can buy a used (or even new) Blu-ray player for relatively cheap these days. Get with the times or quit complaining.

But why doesn’t the DVD have all of the extras the Blu-ray has? Is it because companies want to punish people for having DVD players? Is it a clever scheme to make more money? No. I hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but there is no evil conspiracy at play here and “the man” is not out to get you (this time.)

The answer is simple: Space.

A DVD has 4.7gb of space on it if single-layer disk, and 8.5 if duel-layer. At most, a duel-layer DVD can hold about 3 hours of SD video. Contrast this to a Blu-ray, which has 25gb of space in single-layer, and 50gb in duel-layer, and can about 23 hours of SD video and up to 8.5 hours of HD (depending on the method of encoding) in duel-layer. See the difference? You’re comparing a closet to a mansion here and wonder why you can’t fit the same volume of furniture.

Now, The Avengers has a runtime of almost two and a half hours. That would take up almost all of a DVD’s space that is available to hold video. There simply is not room for extras like there is on a Blu-ray. To hold any considerable amount of extras, enough to really miss, there would have to be a second DVD just for the bonus material. And, what do you know, there actually is a 2-disk DVD addition available (it’s even right on the same page where the complains are, all one needs to do is select it from the drop-down menu!) rendering the “no extras on DVD” moaning completely… well, normally I’d say “retarded” right here, but I’m told that’s a bad ablest habit (and it is.) I rate those reviewers 1-star. Sometimes, I wish I could slap people though a computer screen.

I think this is a problem when just anyone can review anything. Some of those reviews are going to be stupid.  However, they aren’t as stupid as failing to see The Avengers. Even if you’re not into comics or superheros, GO SEE IT!

… What was this blog supposed to be about again?

Parenting Fails: Blow Your Horn

A few nights back, at something like 10pm, someone started blaring their horn outside my townhome unit complex. It wasn’t just an occasional beep, he was keeping his hand on the horn for long periods, releasing, doing a few quick honks, and doing it again. The whole time, the sound kept moving. He was circling the block. This went on for something like 10 minutes before I couldn’t take it anymore and ran outside. I caught the guy circling and waved him down. He actually had the nerve to look at me like I was the problem.

I yelled at the asshole (for one thing, I was pissed, but I also wanted to make sure the neighbors heard, for my own safety, ) and asked him just how retarded he was (some people will criticize this as ablest, but in this circumstance, I didn’t much care,) and told him I’d call the cops. He shouted something like “Dunt git yo-sef mest up!” and “Call da cops!” but when I waved my phone, he sped off, leaving the area with another blast of his horn, like a douche. It was dark and I didn’t want to get too close to the car, so I couldn’t get a good description of it let alone a license plate, else I really would have called the cops. He was being an intentional nuisance, and it wouldn’t have surprised me if he was drunk too.

The driver was a male, either an older teen or something in the young 20’s, I’d guess, and clearly was not raised right. This is our current generation, ladies and gentlemen. These are the kind of losers today’s “parents” are raising.

Drive-By Thoughts: An English Lesson

You’re old enough by now to know your rules of written English. Write like your teachers weren’t just wasting their time on you. There are many words that sound similar, but are spelled differently depending on usage. They’re called “homophones.” It’s high time that you wrote like a real adult who understands this language and its rules.

And if you think those English rules are weird, don’t even get me started on spelling rules like exceptions to the rule, “i before e.”

Parenting Fails: No, I Don’t Feel Sorry For You

I read a news report recently about a crazy gunman who walked into a school, punched a student, and then drew a gun. The gunman was ordered by police, multiple times, to drop his weapon, but he refused. Eventually, he was shot dead by the cops after he aimed his gun at them. No one else was harmed.


Any sane person would agree that the cops actions were necessary to defend themselves, as well as the rest of the students and staff. And no one would feel sorry for the gunman who committed suicide by cop. Everyone would be pleased that a repeat of Columbine or Virginia Tech was averted. And people would only laugh at the stupidity of the gunman when the read the story further and learned that the gun wasn’t even a real handgun, by a shockingly realistic pellet gun.

Can you tell the difference?

If I told you that this was a 30-something drug-addict, then I would expect the manner of sane response described above. But when I disclose that the gunman was actually a 15-year-old boy, all of a sudden people act like he was the victim somehow. In a sane world, it wouldn’t make a difference (well, in a sane world, this wouldn’t have even happened in the first place.)

The way I see it, if the brat was out for attention, he sure got his wish. The cops had no way of knowing whether the gun was real or fake other than by waiting for him to shoot someone, and the kid apparently intended his gun to be believed to be real. And at 15, he was plenty old enough to be fully aware of exactly what he was doing. Of course he was shot. And it was his own fault, as well as the fault of whoever failed to raise him with any sense.

Rather than be ashamed of their creation, the family of the gunman is happy to pretend their kid was the victim and that the cops are somehow the bad guys. And some people are even dumb enough to buy it. In the article are quotes from family member claiming the cops for excessive force even though they only opened fire after the brat pointed a gun at them and they were not only fully within their rights to do so, but would be remiss in their duties if they failed to do so. While accusing the police of excessive force, the father points out that the gunman was a minor, as if firearms are able to recognize the age of their wielder. The family complaints that the boy wasn’t given a chance even though he was told multiple times to drop his weapon. The father actually has the nerve to claim that the cops overreacted. 

They’ll do anything but admit that their kid could have brought this on himself. Elsewhere, the article quotes people talking about the boy’s positive attitude, interests in music and nachos, and that he occasionally helped his disabled grandparent carry things, as if any of this changes what he did. He assaulted a student and pulled a gun on some cops! You won’t convince me that he was a fucking angel.

There is no excuse for what the boy did. And there is no excuse for the parents trying to blame anyone but the kid for what happened. No wonder the punk acts like this, his parents don’t hold him responsible for his own actions. I don’t wish harm on anybody, but I don’t feel sorry for this punk either.

My only sympathies go to the male classmate who was assaulted, the students and teachers who were frightened by the incident, and the police officers who will be characterized as villains for doing their job and doing it well.

Fuck the kid. Fuck his family. 

Troll Mail: No, U Dumb. Me Tarzan.

Recently, a troll by the name of freddie jackson (he didn’t feel the need to capitalize his own name, so why should I?) wrote in the comments section of my About page:

bitch u dumb

Who is this guy? What is his comment in response to? This doesn’t appear to be a response to any particular thing that I’ve said. Hell, it isn’t even a response to a post. It’s just a random comment on my About page, in which I briefly describe myself. Is it in response to my atheism? Is it that he doesn’t like my childfreedom? Does he not approve of my pro-choice stance? Is he not a fan of revolvers? I have no idea.

Whatever freddie’s problem with me was, it seems it wasn’t important enough for him to bother to even mention. Frankly, I’m not interested in exploring the ideas of someone who wasn’t interested himself enough to actually make any point. The whole of the message is ‘i dumb.’ No capital letters of verbs needed, apparently.

As lower-case-f freddie didn’t make any kind of point in his comment for me to respond to, I simply corrected his English and pointed out the irony of him attempting to insult my intelligence.

I believe that should be written, “Bitch, you are dumb.”
So, you think I’m dumb, huh? Well, at least I would pass a basic English class.

Another person who didn’t find his own name important enough to capitalize, ben, chimed in.

Pretty funny. Before criticizing others, you might want to fix the grammatical and punctuation errors in the following:

“People who feel the need to write the word “truth” with a capital “T,” when not grammatically necessary, aren’t actually talking about truth, but dogma they want you to believe is truth.”

I actually don’t know what, if anything, is wrong with that quote of mine on the top of the page. However, maybe some English major might come along and tell me I’ve got commas in the wrong places. Curiously, ben didn’t see fit to do so himself. At least I showed freddie the correct way to type mindless ad hominems.

I don’t pretend to have infallible writing skills. Anyone who reads this blogs will find that, despite using spell and grammar check as well as proofreading myself, I miss things. There incidences of typos, misspellings, using the wrong words, improper grammar, and so on. Some are original mistakes. Others are erroneous “corrections” made by the computer which are not caught by me. It happens.

However, I’d like to think that anyone who reads this blog would have sense enough to be able to tell the difference between someone who is trying to write in an acceptable way, and someone who deliberately writes like a brain-damaged chimp. It’s the difference between a B and an F. At least I try to use actual words and complete sentences, which is more than can be said for poor, barely literate freddie.


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