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Blacklist: Walk On Women Sponsors

The “Walk For Life” is anything but. This demonstration/fundraiser is an anti-choice attack on women’s rights, health, and our very lives. The money raised benefits Life Network, which is an organization that attacks reproductive justice and funds FAKE CLINICS to deceive and endanger women. They’re a sick organization with a lot of blood on their hands, with the nerve to call themselves “pro-life.”

Colorado Springs will be the site of this misogynistic spectacle on June the second. It’s 2012 and people can still get away with blatant bigotry and people act like there’s nothing wrong. Not only is this event allowed and with no notable opposition, at least to my knowledge, but local businesses are openly supporting this attack on women without care.

Well, I care, and so should you. Please share this list and don’t do business with those who would oppose reproductive healthcare, STD prevention and treatment, accurate sexual education, contraception, and abortion care – all of which are necessary for healthy men, women, and children.

Here is a list of proud, corporate sponsors of this battle in the ongoing war against women:

Andrew Wommack Ministries  Academy Women's HealthcareFocus on the Family

Also listed were:

Big Air JumpersChick-fil-A, New Geneva Theological SeminaryRoss Electric,ServiceMaster of Colorado SpringsStarbucks, Well Groomed Ground Maintenance

Parenting Fails: Don’t Let Bigotry Win, Buy Girl Scout Cookies

Last fall, a Colorado Girl Scout troop admitted a 7-year-old transgender child, Bobby Montoya, after excluding her for some time. In a refreshing turn towards progress, the Girl Scouts of Colorado released a statement welcoming transgender children. I’d call that a major win. Cheers to the young GIRL, and to her family, friends, and other supporters. 

Oh, but did the Chicken-Littles of the world ever shit their pants. Three Girl Scout leaders in Louisiana had a hissy fit and disbanded their groups (because they evidently didn’t give a shit about their own scouts,) and even described the inclusion of the transgender child as “almost dangerous,” as ridiculous as that is.

But the bitchfest didn’t end there – Oh, no! One transphobic scout, Taylor, out in California is trying to organize a boycott of Girl Scout cookies because she can’t stand that the girl scouts includes all girls including transgirls. Yes, this transgender child is a girl, despite the body that she was born in. And of course, Taylor, like the other Chicken Littles, also implies that including transgirls is somehow unsafe, yet declines to actually explain how. So much for “girls of good character.”

In some remarkable irony, she cites a publication stating the importance of girls being able to talk to other girls about things they couldn’t talk about to boys, and also the importance of someone being free to be themselves. Somehow, she doesn’t see how these same things apply to the young transgendered child.

I don’t care how old (14, evidently) this little bigot is, Taylor is a nasty bitch. Either her parents have utterly failed to raise her with any common sense or decency, OR her parents actively coach and encourage her intolerance. Either way, this is a mighty disgusting parenting fail.

Fuck this little brat’s cookie boycott. I’ll be buying plenty of extra Girl Scout cookies this year. Cheers to young Bobby Montoya.

Support the Girl Scouts. Support equality. Support Progress. Support LGBT rights. Buy some damned cookies. 

ETA: Please check out this awesome plea to not support the cookie boycott made by a transgendered former Girl Scout.

Parenting Fails: No, I Don’t Feel Sorry For You

I read a news report recently about a crazy gunman who walked into a school, punched a student, and then drew a gun. The gunman was ordered by police, multiple times, to drop his weapon, but he refused. Eventually, he was shot dead by the cops after he aimed his gun at them. No one else was harmed.


Any sane person would agree that the cops actions were necessary to defend themselves, as well as the rest of the students and staff. And no one would feel sorry for the gunman who committed suicide by cop. Everyone would be pleased that a repeat of Columbine or Virginia Tech was averted. And people would only laugh at the stupidity of the gunman when the read the story further and learned that the gun wasn’t even a real handgun, by a shockingly realistic pellet gun.

Can you tell the difference?

If I told you that this was a 30-something drug-addict, then I would expect the manner of sane response described above. But when I disclose that the gunman was actually a 15-year-old boy, all of a sudden people act like he was the victim somehow. In a sane world, it wouldn’t make a difference (well, in a sane world, this wouldn’t have even happened in the first place.)

The way I see it, if the brat was out for attention, he sure got his wish. The cops had no way of knowing whether the gun was real or fake other than by waiting for him to shoot someone, and the kid apparently intended his gun to be believed to be real. And at 15, he was plenty old enough to be fully aware of exactly what he was doing. Of course he was shot. And it was his own fault, as well as the fault of whoever failed to raise him with any sense.

Rather than be ashamed of their creation, the family of the gunman is happy to pretend their kid was the victim and that the cops are somehow the bad guys. And some people are even dumb enough to buy it. In the article are quotes from family member claiming the cops for excessive force even though they only opened fire after the brat pointed a gun at them and they were not only fully within their rights to do so, but would be remiss in their duties if they failed to do so. While accusing the police of excessive force, the father points out that the gunman was a minor, as if firearms are able to recognize the age of their wielder. The family complaints that the boy wasn’t given a chance even though he was told multiple times to drop his weapon. The father actually has the nerve to claim that the cops overreacted. 

They’ll do anything but admit that their kid could have brought this on himself. Elsewhere, the article quotes people talking about the boy’s positive attitude, interests in music and nachos, and that he occasionally helped his disabled grandparent carry things, as if any of this changes what he did. He assaulted a student and pulled a gun on some cops! You won’t convince me that he was a fucking angel.

There is no excuse for what the boy did. And there is no excuse for the parents trying to blame anyone but the kid for what happened. No wonder the punk acts like this, his parents don’t hold him responsible for his own actions. I don’t wish harm on anybody, but I don’t feel sorry for this punk either.

My only sympathies go to the male classmate who was assaulted, the students and teachers who were frightened by the incident, and the police officers who will be characterized as villains for doing their job and doing it well.

Fuck the kid. Fuck his family. 


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