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Happy Holidays

Have a merry, happy, holly-jolly…

Huh. Seems I’m forgetting something…

Oh, yeah, now I remember, how silly of me!

Fuck you, American Family Association (why do hate-groups made up of Christians so frequently include “family” in their name?), you misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic, ignorant, fundamentalist pricks!


Mid-Week Molly: Vacation

To celebrate my birthday, my boyfriend and I spent a few days at a lovely bed and breakfast in New Mexico last week. Happily, the place was pet-friendly, so we were able to bring along our dear Molly. Despite the gorgeous scenery, private hot tub, Jacuzzi, home-made gourmet breakfasts, and a room that came with iced champagne (we actually don’t drink,) chocolate-covered strawberries, and rose-petals strewn about (which I had to quickly pick up as I’d already taken my dog to the vet for activated charcoal once that week,) our dog seemed to have more fun than anyone on the trip.

The B&B, it turns out, has a bit of a dog pack. Our first morning, as Molly was outside doing her business, a big, white, bushy dog lumbered over. This polar bear, like all the dogs we would see, was unleashed, but we knew she belonged to the hosts. Apart from giving Molly a sniff, this dog, who we’d later learned was named Beebee, wasn’t much interested in her. Molly tried to engage Beebee in play, running about begging to be chased, but the old dog just stared, seemingly exhausted just watching. Later, Beebee would remind me of a cranky librarian as she’d bark and growl if the other dogs played or ran or otherwise acted excited.

The second dog Molly met, as we brought her in to the lobby with us when we went to breakfast, was a dalmatian Labrador mix named Pongo. Pongo, was apparently a rescue by the inn keepers. He was found badly injured on their property one day, apparently having been hit by a car. Being kind and generous people, they made sure that Pongo got the medical care that he needed and they’ve had him ever since. Pongo was a bit more inclined to play than Beebee, but was still a mostly lazy dog.

As we were eating breakfast, Molly laid quietly under the table. She doesn’t beg for food often, as we never reward her for it. Suddenly, my BF and I hear an angry bark from under our table, which do don’t recognize as Molly’s. “Who’s grumpy?” BF asked. Trying to threaten Molly was a small, old chihuahua mix. The hosts quickly scooped Tina up and took her away, explaining that she wasn’t as friendly as the other dogs.

As we spoke with the hosts, they mentioned a dog who was not there’s but often wandered onto the property. The dog’s name was Rubio and he would come by for attention and food and shelter from inclement whether. The hosts had no idea who the dog belonged to, if it had an owner at all, but were keen to find him a new home as they couldn’t afford to take on anther dog. We later met Rubio as he wandered in during breakfast. He was a big white dog of a breed I couldn’t identify, and he was very friendly and playful. He and Molly quickly became buddies.

We let them out to play and the whole pack  (minus tiny Tina) ran in the yard, disappearing. We called Molly back, and the pack followed, Beebee lagging behind the younger, faster dogs, trying to rein them in only to trip and fall on her belly, her four legs spread it all sides. Rubio was a bit of a galoot. At one point, he pushed Molly into the cold stream, only because he was big enough to just walk right into her. We had to separate the two after Rubio started nipping to hard, causing Molly to yelp and hide behind my BF. After that, Rubio quickly learned restraint.

Rubio would often look inside our door window to see Molly. Once, we let Molly out to play with him, and she brought along her toy. We weren’t expecting them to run off together off the property, but that’s what happened almost immediately as Rubio had gotten ahold of the toy and seemed like he was trying to take it somewhere. BF followed after them.

He found Molly being attacked by a chained dog. He shouted and ran at the animal, which immediately released Molly and retreated to its doghouse. Molly, startled and not used to unfriendly dogs, ran away, getting caught in a chicken wire fence. BF scooped her up. Rubio wandered over, head down, and returned the toy. BF said that he would have kicked the chained dog’s head in, if it hadn’t stopped attacking Molly. But he admitted to feeling sorry for the dogs as it was obviously neglected and likely abused by its owners. There is almost always a human to blame.

Apart from that incident, it was a great trip. As we left, we said goodbye to our hosts and to the animals. As we loaded Molly into the car, Rubio followed us. He stuck his head in the driver’s side door, as if we meant to jump in. We would have taken Rubio if we could.

Mid-Week Molly: Halloween

I may be on my way to becoming a doggy-blogger. I think I’m OK with that. :D

Enjoying the sunbeam.

Nap time.

She won’t eat from her food bowl unless someone is in the room with her.
She can’t stand to be alone.

Pretty for Halloween. I’m sorry, Molly. I had to.

Ouchie! She ripped her dew claw.

“Hurry up, you guys!”

She really enjoys our hiking trips.

The poor thing ripped her dew claw again. :(What a week!


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