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Drive-By Thoughts: Respecting Choices

I think that I can support someone’s right to make a choice on a given matter without being automatically required to support the choice that they actually make if that choice happens to be painfully stupid/selfish/harmful/etc.


Purposely having kids that you KNOW you can not afford.

“Leaving it in god’s hands” – keeping a pregnancy and raising a child that you vocally express that you do not want. (No one will be happy)

Seriously relying on NFP, withdrawal, or any other ineffective method for birth control when you have options.

Willfully keeping a pregnancy that you know carries a very high risk of injury or death for you.

Willfully keeping a pregnancy when you know in utero that the fetus did not develop properly and will result in an extremely disabled child who will never have anything remotely close to a normal, healthy life, won’t have a long life, and/or will never know anything but suffering.

Wasting money on medical resources on IVF.

I really could go on.

Drive-By Thoughts: What Feminism DOESN’T Mean

No, contrary to popular belief (of mothers,) feminism does NOT mean worshiping the mother-goddess or giving women who breed special privilege above everyone else. It just doesn’t! You do not get to just call yourself feminist, then declare everyone who doesn’t let you have your way at all times anti-feminist. Feminism means equality, not special treatment just for you/whatever group you happen to belong to. Deal with it.

Drive-By Thoughts: Fantasy Vs. Reality

No one’s feelings are ever more important than the truth.

Drive-By Thoughts: Share If You Believe

A while ago, on Face Book, I ran into a horrifying picture. It appeared to be some sort of accident, with mangled metal and bodies. Next to the army of one of the bloody corpses was a small boy, seemingly alive and unharmed, which a circle drawn on the picture around his face. The worst part about the picture was the caption “Share if you believe in God.”

Although I do not believe, I was tempted to share anyway while adding the commentary “… and believe that he’s a sick monster who has the power to prevent tragedies like this, but doesn’t. “ How is it that so few actually consider this?

Why, hello there, Epicurus. 

Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing?
Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing?
Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing?
Then why call him God?

Drive-By Thoughts: An English Lesson

You’re old enough by now to know your rules of written English. Write like your teachers weren’t just wasting their time on you. There are many words that sound similar, but are spelled differently depending on usage. They’re called “homophones.” It’s high time that you wrote like a real adult who understands this language and its rules.

And if you think those English rules are weird, don’t even get me started on spelling rules like exceptions to the rule, “i before e.”


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