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HH Confessions


• I’m terrible at drawing hands. I used to deliberately hide hands just so I wouldn’t have to draw them. Now, I force myself to draw hands so I can get better at it.

• I have trouble drawing men. I’m used to drawing the curves of women. My men tend to either look like women, or like they’re made of boxes.

• I tend to draw necks too long. I never notice until I’ve drawn most of the body and I can’t change it without undoing a lot of work. When this happens, I usually just leave it be on paper and then shorten the necks in Manga Studio editing.

• I waste a lot of paper. Most drawing that I start I quit on after a few minutes. Well, it’s not a total loss, I suppose. I have to start my fireplace with something.

• I can’t paint from life. Well, I can, but I’m never satisfied with it. I prefer to paint from pictures, using a grid to get my scale right.

• I hate drawing people head-on. I can never seem to get the eyes quite symmetrical, and they tend to look slightly cross-eyed. Usually, I just declare one eye a placeholder, then replace it in editing with a copy+paste+flip of the eye I prefer.

• Drawing armor is an absolute nightmare. And I tend to not even bother with helmets.

• Although I can draw faces, getting them to look like anyone in particular is challenging. I even have trouble keeping the same character recognizable between drawings.

• I can’t seem to get the hang of drawing side-profile faces.

• I draw with 0.7 mechanical pencils. On printer paper. I’m on a budget. No, really, I don’t need fancy-smancy one-million-piece art kits.
• I don’t need orange, green, or violet paint. I’m annoyed when paint sets include them. Waste of money. I have an absolutely obscene number of tubes of these colors in my paint drawer.

• I have my easel set up in my room, but I haven’t actually painted much in years.

• I trace my own drawings if I find I’ve sketched something I like well enough to re-use for something better.

• I can’t draw straight lines. Or circles. What’s up with that?

• I have very poor penmanship. My handwriting is so awful even I have trouble reading it.

• Some days I just cannot draw worth a darn. I try, but nothing good comes about. I don’t know why.

• I do some of my best drawings when I’m supposed to be doing something else like chores, homework, or sleeping.

• My sketchbook is a mess. I have a habit of picking a page to draw on at random, rather than just skipping to the next page. As my sketchbook fills, I have to hunt to find elusive blank pages scattered about the book.
• I practically run on soda. I can’t art without it. Also, chocolate.

• I star at myself in the mirror a lot. I try to look at myself from different angles. I do goofy poses, make faces, and talk. I’m not conceited. I’m studying myself. I am my own model. I know exactly what I want to see demonstrated. I’ve learned a lot.

• I sometimes ask other people to pose for me, but it can be a bit awkward.

• Although I have a tablet and some dandy imaging programs, I don’t like to use digital drawing as a starting point. I prefer to sketch on paper until I get something I like, then scan it. I then ink, add details, and sometimes color digitally.

• I want a Cintiq. Badly. Like how most people want a special car. You have no idea what I’d give…

• I have more ideas for things I want to draw than I have time or motivation to actually draw them. Most ideas never leave my head.

• Sometimes drawing something I’m not particularly interested in will give me ideas for other, more interesting drawings. I call it “free-sketching” (or just “screwing around,”) but I’m sure there’s a serious art-world term for it.

• When it comes to armor, vehicles, weapons, and complicated poses, I like to have visual references around. It helps a lot. I just can not commit that kind of detail to memory.

• I draw what I’m interested in. Lately, it’s Mass Effect. Yes, now that it’s pretty much over. It was the same with Knights of the Old Republic. I’m always late for fandoms.

• I’m bothered by typos, misspellings, and especially poor grammar. When writing dialogue bubbles for comics, I run it through a word-processer first.

• Noses. Why do people even have to have those? I can never draw those right. They either look like aliens or pigs.

• I have to be careful not to make women too curvy. Real people don’t actually look like hourglasses, at not in the way shown in cartoons.

• Clothes… I can never figure out the folds. It’s just so complicated! And patterns? Forget about it. The worst part? The part in the pants where the legs divide.

• Perspective is not my friend. In reality, all objects don’t sit parallel to each other.

• It’s not that backgrounds are hard, but they are really boring. I try to avoid them. The foreground is where it’s at.

• When I paint, I listen to music. The genre of choice? Metal. The result: Angry paintings, no matter what the subject.

• My office is a mess. Total disaster area.


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