Drive-By Thoughts: Fantasy Vs. Reality

No one’s feelings are ever more important than the truth.

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Posted on 2012/05/10, in Atheism, Drive-By Thoughts, Feminism, Religion, Science, Sexism. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. But isn’t the truth relative? It all depends on our perception of things, much like our emotions. We regard the truth as something that we know one knows the whole truth. It is rare that we realise our truths are only a small context of an even greater truth. Our feelings are a part of this greater truth aswell.

    • Julie Was Here

      If it’s relative and depends on perception, it isn’t truth. Truth is something universally and completely true, or it isn’t true at all, and no one should say that it is.

      Truth is fact, reality. Not feeling. Not opinion. Not belief.

      • But truth must be all facts to have the proper context. Any fact or set of facts taken in isolation from the whole can be distorted. Truth is then all facts. As this is out of human reach, as our perception of reality is limited by our senses, It is my feeling, opinion and belief that the Truth, in an absolute sense, is necessarily outside human capabilities. Therefore, we have to work with as much truth (lower case t) as we can and make up the rest with feeling, opinion, etc.

  2. Telling me haircut looks awful is true. But is it necessary to say it out loud? (Right words, ight time, right place, right person to be saying it.) There’s more to right speech than truth.

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