Choosing Pets Over Kids? (MOVED!)

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  1. I’ve never wanted children. I’ve always wanted cats. So I have cats, not children.

  2. I agree. I love my dogs, and I would still have them even if I had children, but I would not have children even if I didn’t have dogs.

  3. carla work

    I LOVE my Jo Jo (a bischon frise) He has been the best PET for my family. I cant imagine not having him…that being said, I would not say he means more then ANY human. 15 or so years from now Jo Jo will be gone and in doggy heaven….My children/people and other people that I have gave time to, I will hopefully see again. When I hear people say, “this “pet” changed my life”, “If it wasnt for “this pet” dad would not be here” “He/she is more human to me ” , ‘I dont want the responsibility of a child ..thats why I chose a furry baby” —– Really what your saying….ITS easier…..It takes more time to get to know, to be a part of,to appreciate the differences of people, to have a difference of oppinion and still love that person, to be hurt by another person,(adoption, foster parenting, getting to know some of the elders at a local nursing home …ALL very TIME consuming can be painful, ie: if they die or get moved taken away) …..YES its HARDER .. It is so much more rewarding!!!! I get that pets dont talk back, that they LOVE you unconditionally,that you can count on them….Do you need them??? THEY need you. Children in bad foster care need you too …..Its more WORK,its not easy, when they take care of you 50 + years from now youll realize… That was much much much more rewarding’….FROM a mom that is hurt by people putting ANIMALS before people.

    • So children are better than pets because you can guilt them into being your personal servants when you’re older? Wow. That’s really selfish.

      By the way, people ARE animals.

      • Pets don’t cause wars, pets don’t sass you, pets are unconditional love and kids are problems waiting to happen. Pets also don’t get downs syndrome.

        • Hello, you’re getting the comment because you commented on HikingHumanist.
          HikingHumanist is changing direction, and will soon be taking down many old posts. Why? Because we’re moving our childfree posting to a new blog! Hooray!
          If you enjoyed HikingHumanist’s childfree commentary, then you may like to visit Childfree Voices. Don’t forget to follow for updates!

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