10 Tips For Getting Fixed (MOVED!)

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  1. I love you! This gives me new hope into getting “spayed” as Im also 22. I feel a bit depressed and isolated by this breeder dominated world but you have given me light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you.

  2. I was finally sterilized at 36, and I so wish I had done it sooner. I have some advice to add based on my experience, if you don’t mind. I had done my research and decided I wanted Essure implants for a variety of reasons (cost, minimally invasive, short recovery time, etc.). Normally, this procedure can be done in an office environment, but my insurance required it to be done in a hospital setting. The main hospital with which my doctor is affiliated is a Catholic hospital, and they would not allow her to perform the procedure there because it was not “medically necessary”. After a few phone calls, another hospital in town agreed to let her do the procedure there, even though she lacked admitting privileges. On the day of the procedure, due to an anatomical abnormality, my doctor was unable to properly place the inserts. I was already under “twilight” anesthesia and didn’t know the procedure was unsuccessful. Fortunately, my husband and I had had many discussions about this (and he has medical power of attorney), so when the docotor told him what was going on and asked if I would want a tubal ligation instead, he was able to provide consent. He made the correct decision that being sterilized was more important for me than the method by which it was done.

    My advice, based is on this, is to be open to other options, and discuss ALL of the possible options with your doctor, your partner, or another person who has the power to make medical decisions if you are unable to do so for yourself. Had my husband and I not discussed the other options, and had he not been able to provide consent, I would have woken up unsterilized, but still on the hook for hospital costs.

    • Julie Was Here

      Wow, that’s something that hadn’t really crossed my mind.

      Thanks for the advice, and congrats on the snip!

      • Thanks! When I found out what had eventually been done, the feeling was incredibly freeing. I was just thrilled to be released from the decades of worry. I wish I had been firmer in my convictions earlier in life.

        • Julie Was Here

          I remember first waking up from surgery, barely. The nurse, Regina, told me that we were done and that there were no complications. I lifted my gown to see two square bandages on my lower abdomen. Even though the fog of anesthesia, I remember reveling in the exhilarating feeling of freedom before I slipped back to sleep (I was in and out of awareness for a while.)

    • Angie, that’s a very helpful tip!
      I’m getting the Adiana implants (silicone, the size of a grain of rice) and my doctor said that sometimes if you haven’t had any kids, your tubes might be too narrow to accommodate the implants. I consented to having a tubal ligation if that was an issue.

  3. I’m envious! I was under the impression that I would get nowhere before the age of 35, so I never asked until then – and got my tubes tied within months! I wish I had asked sooner!!

  4. cynthialstern

    All of your comments are spot-on. I, too, faced an upward battle when I was going on 22, an I was successful. Getting sterilized was, perhaps, the ONLY decision I’ve made in my life about which I continue to feel 100% positive (I am now pushing 60).

  5. Thank you for this. I read this before going into surgery(it was already planned and scheduled just wanted an insider opinion of what I had to look forward to). I appreciated your insight and humor and real life depiction of the event. :)

  6. Also, just to state statistics, I’m 27, two kids and married. For whatever that means to anyone lol.

  7. Good For You!!! Welcome to the Club

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