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Wire Wolf

Made for art class. Too late to be graded. Sigh… Not off to a great start.

Made from 20 gauge aluminum wire. All twisted, no soldering or adhesives.


The Day I Broke Free

I am not my reproductive capacity. I’m a person, not a person factory. I am not a slave to the role others would impose upon my. My life is my own. My body is my own.


I hope to clean this up and color it.


Now I Want A Gazebo

Made from foam board. Hot glue was a mistake.


I Really Shouldn’t Have To Say This…

I don’t have a problem with porn. I really don’t. Well, sure I have a problem with the objectification of others, but assuming the participants are willing, as are the viewers, it’s not my business. Sure, I don’t find porn appealing, personally. In fact, I find it downright repulsive. That’s enough reason for me not to look at it, but damned if I’ll tell another grown adult what they can and can not privately enjoy.

Earlier, on a childfree forum, a poster complained about her partner enjoying porn. It didn’t appear to be having an impact on the relationship, or to be a case of addiction, yet the poster demanded her partner cease viewing porn or she’d leave. I told her to grow up and stop inventing problems.

Coincidentally, on Twitter today, while doing a search on the word “childfree” I came across the tweet of one nasty individual. The tweet itself was fine, and only came to my attention because it contained the word “childfree.” It was the avatar that was the problem – a neck-down shot of a woman in her panties with her breasts fully exposed and flopped over something white worn around the waist. The user, it turns out, frequently posts pornographic images of herself. On her bio, she writes:

I post pics & write dirty little stories fantasy and real life adventures! Check out my blog for a taste….Oh and I’m funny too! NSFW 18+

So, the image is intentionally pornographic.

“You may not use obscene or pornographic images in either your profile picture or user background.” – Twitter Terms of Service

Despite writing NSFW 18+ on her bio (likely referring to her blog,) she cares little for who she exposes herself to on twitter. Really, if you’re going to blatantly violate Twitter’s rules on pornographic images, you could at least make your tweets private so innocent people (who may be at work or under 18) who happen do do a search on the word childfree aren’t forced to see such images against their will. This is really little different from men who flash their penises at strangers on the street.

Naturally, I reported her. Apparently, this makes me “crazy,” “uptight,” on a “witch hunt.” She even had the gall to accuse me of harassment, which is ironic considering her anti-social and abusive behavior in exposing herself to others against their will.

Pornography is fine to view or participate in in private. But when it comes to forcing it upon others, that crosses the line. Just as anyone has the freedom to enjoy porn in private, I should have the freedom to not be forced to see it when I don’t want to.

As this person kept tweeting at me, she wrote something monumentally stupid (even in comparison to other things she wrote.)

I’m also sure many a museum would be offended by the statement that a topless woman is pornography.


Nude art and pornography are NOT the same thing. Anyone who needs to be told that is a fucking moron.

Not the fucking same.

Note: The picture on the right is not the one the offending person on Twitter posted. This one in an actual model and not just some loser with no life who exposes herself to strangers in inappropriate forums.

To that user, if you want to post porn, do it on a site that allows that and/or on your own site. It is not fair to expose yourself to unsuspecting people.

And no one wants to see your ugly, floppy tits anyway.


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