Parenting Fails: Don’t Let Bigotry Win, Buy Girl Scout Cookies

Last fall, a Colorado Girl Scout troop admitted a 7-year-old transgender child, Bobby Montoya, after excluding her for some time. In a refreshing turn towards progress, the Girl Scouts of Colorado released a statement welcoming transgender children. I’d call that a major win. Cheers to the young GIRL, and to her family, friends, and other supporters. 

Oh, but did the Chicken-Littles of the world ever shit their pants. Three Girl Scout leaders in Louisiana had a hissy fit and disbanded their groups (because they evidently didn’t give a shit about their own scouts,) and even described the inclusion of the transgender child as “almost dangerous,” as ridiculous as that is.

But the bitchfest didn’t end there – Oh, no! One transphobic scout, Taylor, out in California is trying to organize a boycott of Girl Scout cookies because she can’t stand that the girl scouts includes all girls including transgirls. Yes, this transgender child is a girl, despite the body that she was born in. And of course, Taylor, like the other Chicken Littles, also implies that including transgirls is somehow unsafe, yet declines to actually explain how. So much for “girls of good character.”

In some remarkable irony, she cites a publication stating the importance of girls being able to talk to other girls about things they couldn’t talk about to boys, and also the importance of someone being free to be themselves. Somehow, she doesn’t see how these same things apply to the young transgendered child.

I don’t care how old (14, evidently) this little bigot is, Taylor is a nasty bitch. Either her parents have utterly failed to raise her with any common sense or decency, OR her parents actively coach and encourage her intolerance. Either way, this is a mighty disgusting parenting fail.

Fuck this little brat’s cookie boycott. I’ll be buying plenty of extra Girl Scout cookies this year. Cheers to young Bobby Montoya.

Support the Girl Scouts. Support equality. Support Progress. Support LGBT rights. Buy some damned cookies. 

ETA: Please check out this awesome plea to not support the cookie boycott made by a transgendered former Girl Scout.

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  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Seeing that lil bigots video made my partner and I, who do not eat girl scout cookies, buy 100 boxes from a friends child in California. We wanted to buy from bobby but learned that she didn’t have an interest in the girl scouts anymore. Thanks for your post. I hope others buy cookies as well.

    • Julie Was Here

      Yeah, I would have purchased from Bobby too, if I could. That Bobby is no longer interested in scouts herself (and who could blame her with all the negativity she’s received for it?) is of no consequence. The Girl Scouts admitting transgender girls into their ranks is a huge step forward and should be supported.

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