Mt. Cutler and AllTrails

This week, my family of three (with eight legs between us) hiked up Mt. Cutler in Cheyenne Canyon. It was a short, out and back type trail, not even a mile each way, according to my boyfriend’s GPS and a handy app on my iPhone (more on the app later,) but it took us about 45 minutes to get to the top of Mt. Cutler.

The reason the trail took us so long was because there was hard packed snow and ice on the shadowed side of the mountain where the hike begins. It was very, very slippery, especially when we came back down. Once we got to the sunny side, however, snow was no longer a problem and I happily removed my coat.

We saw a few other people on the trail. There was a jogger in shorts, a t-shirt, and running shoes with ice cleats (I still need to get some for my boots,) and a few other hikers. One other hiker stands out though. On the return trip, I fell a few times, landing safely on my backpack, so I was shocked to see a man hiking up with a baby strapped to his back. I foresaw bad things happening…

Molly gave us some reason to worry. She followed my BF up a steep incline off the side of the trail, at his encouragement (bad BF!) Suddenly, I felt a cloud of rocks and dirt fall over my head. My dog had tried to run back down, but instead of taking the dirt path she had on the way up, she took the most direct rout to me. This direct rout was over steep rocks and loose gravel. She fell and got into a bit of a tumble before righting herself. She gave me such a scare, but she wasn’t hurt.

At the top, we enjoyed some victory jerky and took in the view. At only 7231 ft, Mt. Cutler was hardly an impressive mountain. It was barely a hill next to the giants that surrounded it. But it was quick and easy and introduced me to the other trails and peaks in the area to try for another day when we have more time.

As for the view, it was quite nice. :)

Down in front!

I can see Commo Hill from here. When I was in the Army, my platoon would occasionally run up and down that thing. I was not a fan of that.

AllTrails App

I just recently purchased an iPhone, and I love it! I’ve spent hours looking for awesome apps and I’ve found quite a few.

For this trip to Mt. Cuter, I used AllTrails for the first time, and it was just fantastic! I’m still figuring out all of the features, but so far I’ve found that I can:

  • Browse and search for trails nearby, and get driving directions to them from Google Maps.
  • View topographical maps of trails.
  • View trail information such as difficulty, usage, obstacles, type, duration, distance, and elevation gain.
  • Download trail information before I head out so I can access it offline.
  • Use my phone’s GPS to track my hike so my course is marked.
  • Read and write reviews for trails
  • Add new trails to the database or edit existing ones.
  • Read and write trail reviews as well as view and add trail photos.

This app was very useful today in helping us pick a trail, and was fun to play with and explore along the hike. I highly recommend getting it yourself if you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android. It’s FREE!

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  1. Have you been to the San Juans yet? Go look up Ice Lake Basin. It is the most incredible place on earth. I’m not kidding. I spent two nights up there and I’ll certainly remember it for the rest of my life.

    • Julie Was Here

      San Juan Mountains? That’s down southwest around Pagosa Springs, right? No, I can’t say that I’ve been down there. I’ve mostly been hanging around the Front Range. I looked up Ice Lake basin. Some beautiful images came up.
      I’m glad you had a great adventure. I’m hoping I had head that way myself some time as well.

      • Yeah, that’s where it is, just north of Durango. I might end up moving out there in a few years, or at least living there part time. I believe they are the largest group of 14ers in the lower 48. Awesome stuff, lemme tells ya.

        Like the blog. I’ve been blogging for about 7 years now (atheism, lefty politics and shitty movies) and it can be hard to keep the momentum, sometimes. Yours is really diverse, which is awesome.

        I might not comment much but I always read it.

        • Julie Was Here

          I think there are about six 14ers in the front range. I’ve been up Pike’s Peak twice, but I took the train both times. I’d like to hike up the Barr trail, but I think I might tackle some of the easier 14ers around here first.

          Colorado is a great state. I never even knew until I joined the Army and got stationed here. I just got out in November, after serving for four years. I love it here so much that I decided to stay.

          I only started blogging a few years back. My (I say “my” but other people started contributing later) first blog was focused on matters of reproductive rights, but I often found that I wanted to write about various other things that were out of place there. That’s why this blog was created.

          I write about many things here, outdoors, art, atheism, etc. It wasn’t my intention originally, but last year a good many of my posts were about being childfree, since I had a tubal ligation in July. I had so many childfree posts that “Hiking Humanist” was quickly becoming an artifact title. Lol.

          The trouble is, when I write about so many things, I end up attracting people with one post, and then offending them with the next. I had one person, a mother of I don’t know how many, come to my blog to read my article about my tubal, since she was wanting one herself. Then she read some of my other articles in which I talk about not wanting kids, and even though I didn’t say anything degrading of kids or parents, got very upset. Oh, well.

          Thanks for reading. :) I’ll be checking out your blog since it sounds like we have a bit in common.

          • The way I see it, either people dig you or they don’t. I think half my readers come there because I am so offensive. It’s the difference between a subject blog and a “you” blog, I think.

            • Julie Was Here

              This is very much a “me” blog. I don’t make money off of it, and I’d write in it whether or not anyone ever read it. So I can’t say I really care if everyone likes what I say or not. Hell, half the fun of having this blog is that I get to say what I really think, even when it’s something that people expect I shouldn’t be allowed to say.

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