Some Old Scribblings

A friend of mine from high school. Paining in oil from a photograph. Picture taken with crappy camera. Blurry. :(

Still life watercolor paining of some flowers of a type I don’t recognize.

For the senior year art final, one of the things we were tested on was sketching another classmate under a time limit. Pencil and paper.

Some friends of mine form high school goofing off in a photobooth. Drawn in pencil from a photograph.

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  1. I love the flowers! That’s a daffodil and, I believe, irises.

    • Julie Was Here

      Thanks. I don’t know much about flowers. I don’t even remember if they were real or fake. I was just drawing and painting what was placed on the table in my art class.

      This is the only thing I’ve ever done in water color that didn’t just look like spilled juice.

      Using a pen helped, although I might have gotten a bit carried away with it. If I ever do watercolors again, I think I will use a pen, although with a bit more subtlety.

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