But I AM In Danger…

I wrote about a visit to a Planned Parenthood in Denver, some time back. I don’t know why, but I was thinking about it again last night and I remembered something that I neglected to talk about before.

“If you were the one in danger of being killed, wouldn’t you want someone to step in and help?”

That’s what one anti, who would just not leave me alone, said to me when I called her out for being a bully, harassing women. At the time, I think, I said something to the effect of “if you really thought that people were being killed in there, I’d like to think that you’d be doing a lot more than just standing around outside, yelling at people.” I wasn’t buying her bullshit for a second.

But it occurred to me last night that I, along with every other woman, actually am , on a regular basis, in danger of being killed. And that, thankfully, there is someone steeping in to help me. This “someone,” however, is not that screaming anti or any of her ilk. No, they’re people who are really endangering my life by being antis and harassing people outside clinics and attacking women’s human rights at every turn – people like that awful woman who followed me that day. Meanwhile, this “someone” stepping in to defend me is actually a whole population of people – the pro-choice movement, and specifically Planned Parenthood itself (and clinics like it.)

I regret now that I did not have the presence of mind, at the time, to say all that. I can only imagine what her stammering, misogynistic excuse would have been. She probably would have dismissed the deaths she’s caused as “suicides,” as was her young protegĂ©’s method of deflecting responsibility and pissing on her victim’s graves.

But it is true. Blocking access to women’s reproductive rights, particularly abortion rights as was the topic of “conversation” (if you can call it that) at the time, kills women. 67-68 thousand every year, according to the World Health Organization’s estimates. And the people responsible for those deaths are the antis. They are the ones killing people. And with the audacity to say things like, “If you were the one in danger of being killed, wouldn’t you want someone to step in and help?”

Fuck you, you anti-choice, anti-life fucks. Only pro-choice can honestly claim to be pro-life.

Thankfully, these monsters aren’t as powerful as they think they are. As was the case here in Colorado last year with amendment 62, Initiative 26 in Mississippi failed to strip women of personhood status by robbing us of our rights to prevent or end pregnancies. Make no mistake, that’s what these so-called “personhood amendments” are really about.

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  1. Our world can be a very sad place. I’m glad the personhood amendments proposed repeatedly throughout the US have so far failed.

  2. I agree; it is very disturbing that anti-choicers are still trying to vote on women’s civil and reproductive rights, even in the year 2013. These so-called “personhood amendments” proposed by right-wing politicians are designed to do just one thing; to block access to both contraception as well as abortion. The Winter 2013 cover of Ms. Magazine said it best; “Without Access, There Is No Choice.” That’s so true. The anti-choice crowd pretends to be “about the baby,” but their arguments certainly don’t fool me. For them, it’s about controlling women and our sexual/reproductive decisions, and always has been. Anti-choicers can deny that all they want, this kind of legislation proves otherwise.

    The anti-choice crowd have been trying to overturn Roe v. Wade since the decision was argued and won in 1973, and thankfully they have failed in that effort. So what they’re trying to do instead is to put up impediments to block access to a woman’s right to choose by using these “personhood” proposals or by trying to defend organizations like Planned Parenthood. When the anti-choice fails in those efforts, the most extreme among them resorts to the most violent act; murder of abortion providers. To me — and no doubt many other pro-choicers — that is nothing more than domestic terrorism, which, as you said, puts all of us in danger.

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