Should Have Seen This Coming

I may have mentioned on a few occasion the pitbull puppy belonging to a neighbor. To fill you in, Diyogi (get it? D-O-G) was frequently left chained up on a short line OUTSIDE of the yard (as in, right in front of my car. Evidently she thinks the dog’s poop, which she never picks up, should be everyone else’s problem) left completely unsupervised (HELLO! DOGS AREN’T DECORATIONS! THEY HAVE TO BE SOCIALIZED AND TRAINED!) for hours on end without food, water, or toys.

Am I really surprised that she treats her dog in such a way, considering how she treats her kids? I believe that she has at least two young children, but it’s hard to tell who is the parent of the many, many children running around, screaming, and throwing trash onto my patio, out in the big section of communal green-space between the town-home buildings because no one here ever seems to actually watch their kids. This woman may have kids, but she’s no parent. If I were to put a name to her, I would go with what the childfree community uses for people who do not deserve the title of parent – breeder (not to be confused with someone whose occupation is animal husbandry.)

BTW. Our building has a rule, no dogs under 2 years of age are allowed, and there’s a fee for having dogs. Breeder lady obviously isn’t reporting that she has a dog and so isn’t paying for it. And another thing, she’s always taking my parking spot. She has two, why the hell does she need to have her guests always use mine, which I PAY FOR! What, are her guests too good for visitor parking so I, someone who actually lives there, have to find a free visitor parking spot all the way on the other side of the complex?

Anyway, the other day, the inevitable happened. As this complex is breeder central, always full of unsupervised small children, the dog bit a little girl. Likely, the untrained and under-stimulated pup just wanted to play. I heard the girl scream outside, but the brats are always screaming out there anyway so I didn’t think anything of it.

My boyfriend said he saw a man running towards a group of kids while waving a stick to get the dog. (I’m surprised anyone was watching the kids at all!) BF didn’t know what was going on though, so he grabbed his pistol and ran outside, then getting the full story which he relayed to me.

It seems somebody called 911 as some completely unnecessary emergency vehicles showed up. (A fire truck, really?) So now the pup has been taken away and is likely to be put down (if that hasn’t happened already.) I feel so sorry for that poor puppy. I really wish that I’d reported her neglect when I had the chance. Not only is this pup now being punished for having the bad luck of having such an inept owner, but now this incident will be a statistic, possibly one that could cause it to be more difficult for competent people to have pits due to government imposed restrictions.

I don’t blame the dog, I blame the shitty owner. There should be a license requirement to get a dog, and one to have kids too.

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  1. Ever since last year when we moved in our (trailer trash) neighbors’ two pitties have on numerous occasions busted through our fence into our yard,tearing shit up & terrorizing my pups. I’ve told BF if it’s necessary,don’t hesitate putting a bullet into them but it better be a clean,humane shot. I don’t blame them at all. It’s the breeder trash with meth “issues” that I blame. I completely agree with you,Julie. I can’t stand these shitty breeders or their idea of what is acceptable treatment of animals.

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