Baby-Stalking Defined

A little fun with Dan’s Awesome Rage Maker.

Baby Stalking – This is when some parent comes up to you and is blatantly trying to get you to comment on their child. Often this is accompanied by a loud and/or sing-songy voice that is obviously for your benefit and not the child’s. It’s also usually accompanied by many looks at you with a big smile on their face. They are fishing for compliments. Don’t give in.

-Happily Childfree

True story.

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  1. I don’t hate babies but in all honesty EVERY single time I see one, I think “fuck lets get out of here!” It’s the same sensation I get when I wake up 60 seconds before I set my loud as hell alarm clock to go off, and I spring out of bed to turn it off, just so I don’t have to hear that HORRIBLE sound.

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