349 Deeds To Go

On the 23rd, I passed the two-week mark for daily good deeds. At the time of writing, I’ve completed 16 daily good deeds.

Recycling – Most of my deeds were simple. On Aug 18th, I brought soda cans to the local recycling center. I got $1 in return. I spent some time chatting with the gentlemen there petting their dogs. On the 20th, my BF and I had a chat and decided we’d recycle our cans at our new home (the cans I had before I’d collected while living in a barracks room by myself.) On Aug 22nd, I used two large paper grocery bags to make a bin for collecting cans (yay, recycling to recycle!)

Transportation – On the 22nd, I gave a solider in my platoon who had run out of gas rides to and from work and to an appointment at the hospital. The next day, the 23rd, I happened to pass a female soldier from another brigade walking along the road. I picked her up and gave her a ride.

Activism – On Aug 17th, I did something I really shouldn’t have had to do. I defended a woman’s maternal care rights to a group that claims to be about just that. I suppose the people there were so busy fighting for the right to have vaginal births and not have non-medically indicated cesarean sections forced upon them that they forgot that there’s nothing wrong with someone choosing to have a cesarean, if they want one. It was hard to get that point across with all the people too obsessed with birthing their way that they couldn’t imagine anyone else choosing another way.

Misc. – On Aug 19th, I bought an extra can of soda from a vendor because he was short on one dollar bills. I then gave this soda to a thirsty soldier. On Aug 21st, I attempted to bake cookies to share with my boyfriend. … Didn’t quite turn out. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Today, Aug 25th, I spent most of the day helping a female soldier from my platoon who I’ve known from my old unit and deployed with. She’s was having some serious financial trouble that wasn’t her fault and couldn’t afford gas. I spent the day giving her rides and gave her $10 to buy a few gallons. I brought her to a facility that could help her work out her money problems and, as she told me, are supposed to give her a gas card tomorrow. Later, I took her to the finance office and while she was in there, I went to Green Beans coffee to buy her a “happy drink.” Apparently, she has a favorite drink that she treats herself to once a month, but she feared she would not afford it this month. It’s the little things that cheer a person up, I think.

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  1. Julie,
    I had the pleasure of meeting Gianna Jessen last spring. She is an amazing woman that I think you would find quite likable as I am sure you are while in your element, nature.
    I don’t expect to change your mind in any way, but when I saw your posts on Twitter with her I wanted to apologize for every Christian who has ever hurt you. Opinions are one thing but when they hurt another, it just goes too far. I am sorry you have felt the damage of others. You are valuable and a wonder just by being you. You have your opinions about life just as I do and you have the right to make those opinions without ridiculous comments from others. While you do not have faith in Jesus at this time, you are nevertheless one of His favorite daughters. I pray one day you will hear His passion for you. He really loves you. Again it is too bad those who call themselves Christians have not shared the good news with you. Enjoy the beauty of Colorado and life itself. I pray one day to meet you. HUGS from an old guy who wishes he could do something about your pain.

    • Julie Was Here

      Perhaps I was needlessly harsh when speaking of Gianna. In my defense, I was talking to a real asshole by the name of Yoest who brought her up. I was very pissed when I responded to him.

      In any case, I can’t say that I think much of Gianna. She seems like she honestly means well, but there is no nice way to deny women of medical care, and no polite way to kill women. A good person doing bad things. It’s especially sad to see someone who’s been trough so much suffering bringing even more suffering on others, especially as she believes she’s doing good.

      This is why, although I wish I’d kept a more civil tone, I can not honestly say that I’m sorry. I’m not.

      I’ll be nice and ignore all the religious bullshit. If you want to respond to me about something I said on twitter, do it on twitter. Don’t go to some random page that has nothing to do with anything.



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