Now, I’ve gotten a lot of hate mail from various places. Most of it has been on my YouTube channel, back when I was more actively posting, and some has been on my pro-choice blog. I guess that is to be expected. I can’t say that I really mind. I don’t care much what other people, especially anti-choice misogynists (same thing, really) think of me. Besides, it makes for some amusing blog fodder.

Feeling much the same way as a dog-owner does when she discovers a “present” in her living room with her foot, I found this pile of dog shit on the About section of this blog. It’s from yet another anti, of course. This is one that’s been pestering me for some time on Twitter, apparently believing that his mindless rants about imaginary babies and equally imaginary gods are totally unique (and not the same crap I’ve seen a million times) and will convince me that women are, as he believes, nothing more than breeding machines rather than full human beings whose lives matter.

Thank You for not having children…

It’s so amazing how I can be thanked for not having something I’ve never wanted to begin with. What’s even more amazing is that this anti apparently doesn’t see the irony of him saying this, seeing as he’s a member of the group of  people who deceptively call themselves “prolife” (or, as I like to call them, misogynist scum) and makes it his business to force people to have babies against their will.

If that is your attitude towards them, then you are helping the world by not reproducing! (NOT ment in a hateful manner)

If what is my attitude towards children? I’ll point out now that this comment doesn’t seem to be a clear response to anything. It’s just a comment on my About page, where my only mentions of children have been stating that I don’t have or want them. I don’t see how stating that I don’t have and will never have children is expressing an attitude towards children. I was stating a fact about myself, not an opinion about others. If this is meant to be a response to something I’ve said elsewhere, it’s not clear what.

He is right about one thing. I am helping the world by not reproducing. Everyone who knows better than to reproduce and doesn’t do so is helping the world. If only fewer people would reproduce, this world would be a much better place. I wonder how this anti reconciles this fact with his obsessive need to control women by forcing us to carry unwanted pregnancies?

Because the God that you deny exists still loves you very much…Really!

I stress that I haven’t cut anything out of this antis comment. The statement about me helping the world by not breeding is immediately followed by the above line. I am helping the world by not reproducing because god loves me. Never-mind that god isn’t even real, how the fuck does that sentence even make any sense?! Besides that, the grammar-Nazi in me wants to scream that this isn’t even a complete sentence. Because the god that I deny exists and loves me very much… what?

Oh, and which god that I deny are you talking about, delusional misogynist? I don’t just deny your god, but every god. I deny each of them for the exact same reasons. Take your imaginary friend and shove it.

Have a blessed life!

If bigots like you would stay out of it, I would!

P.S. Who created the outdoors that you love so much? Yes, it was God, Because He Loves You!!!

No one. The outdoors aren’t created. The planet and the life that later appeared on it are results of natural processes, which involve no “who,” especially not your imaginary who.  I won’t degrade the majesty of nature by wrongfully crediting its existence to your imaginary friend, rather than standing in awe of the natural geological and biological processes spanning billions of years coming together to form the breathtaking environments I so adore. As Douglas Adams once said, “Isn’t it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?”

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  1. johnnathanielfernando

    haha interesting! yeah we all do have a choice. as a pantheist, i fully agree in everything you said. im a panteist alright so i have a god, but god for us is just a relative term, not like a super-deity or anything. it;s just the term we use for everything. keep posting and just ignore the antis. whatever you do in this world there will always be an anti.
    for every action, there will always be an opposite and equal reaction – law of action and reaction

    • Julie Was Here

      Newton’s third law of motion.

      Yes, I am familiar with what a pantheist is. I don’t group pantheists in with the folks who shamelessly invent a personal god just to so they can have it agree with them and to hide behind it.

  2. johnnathanielfernando

    oh yeah we are far from them. we use science, logic, and philosophy. i’m inviting you to join the movement, we can use someone with your amazing intellect.

  3. johnnathanielfernando

    world pantheist movement. well just an invitation though. i’ve been writing about pantheism on my primary site(not the one here) from time to time to aid the cause. i’d like to show you the link but i think it would be rude. im just saying you’re smart and talented.

    • Julie Was Here

      I wasn’t aware pantheism was a movement.

      I appreciate the invite, but, well, I’m not really a pantheist. I am aware that pantheism and atheism are not much dissimilar. Richard Dawkins described pantheism as “sexed-up atheism.” But I don’t see god as the universe, or forces of nature. I see god as an unnecessary concept altogether, and one I’m happy to simply discard.

  4. johnnathanielfernando

    well at least i tried. just keep up the good work and if it matters, i support you in your choices. i mean i have a daughter and i would certainly would love to have grand kids in the future, but if she tells me that she doesn’t want to have kids, i wouldn’t take it wrongly. on second thought you don;t have to be in the movement because you’re already working for the movement unconsciously. simply doing what you think is right and sharing your thoughts and opinions in what i must describe as very good literary style is enough help. have a great evening fellow blogger and if it matters, you got yourself a new subscriber.

    • Julie Was Here

      Thanks, I appreciate that.
      And I’m glad to hear that you’d support your daughter’s decision, whatever that may be. That, I think, is just fantastic. :)

  5. My daughter is an atheist . I love her for the fact that she has enough self esteem to think for herself, and is intelligent enough to express those thoughts without being offensive to those who differ from her views. She has the will to not conform to those that want her to do it their way, which ever way that is. SInce she was a little girl she has had a definite opinion on what is right for her, and what is not. She has never wanted kids and I know this for a fact, This is not a kneejerk reaction nor intended just to start conversations, she said as much in all of these blogs. She has felt this way since she was very small. Yes I will miss out on grandkids from her, but that is her choice and I have always supported her decisions and always will.

    • Julie Was Here

      Thanks mom. :)

      To be fair though, I am often offensive to people who differ from my views if I think that person is a tosser and they piss me off. That, and some days I really just don’t give a shit. Mostly though, I’m nice to people who are nice to me.

  6. Of you wanna feel like a REAL woman, don’t get your tubes tied. I’m bloated all the time and I’m not overweight either. My doctor did say it could be from the tubal. So there. Go ahead cause REAL women want to feel whole, inside and out. And sex drive will be gone!!! Just to let ya know and I’m 29!

    • Julie Was Here

      I already had a tubal. I’ve had no bloating at all and my sex drive is better than ever because tubals don’t affect those things. REAL women aren’t dumb enough to believe the myth that tubals do any such thing, or that a tiny bit of useless tissue is necessary to feel whole.

  7. I’m Wiccan, but I’ve always found it curious how other folks’ faith is seemingly affected by a total stranger’s beliefs. It does no good or harm to my relationship with Deity if someone chooses a path different from mine. Above all, I do not believe in proselytizing. Although I enjoy conversations about what someone believes and why, I don’t feel the need to try and convert them. Being a former fundamentalist, I can remember the frantic fear for the soul of a loved one, but time and research have allayed my fears. I can only suppose that someone desperate to convert me suffers that same delusional fear for my immortal soul. For that, I thank them for their concern, and wish I could help them see the joy in my path. The others are just imbeciles.

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