Drive-By Thoughts: Atheist

I’m often asked how I became an atheist. The answer is the same as how I came to be at all.

I was born an atheist. Not only was I born an atheist, but so were you. Everyone who has ever live was born an atheist.

Oh sure, I had a brief affair with Christianity, but that was only after having the religion imposed upon me, much like the belief in Santa Clause, by adults with an air of certainty, a matter-of-fact, believe what I say because I say it, sort of way. I would imagine this is much the same way as other people are likewise indoctrinated.

I didn’t become an atheist later in life. I started out as one, just as everyone did, then had a¬†religious¬†phase which, thankfully, I grew out of.

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  1. Heh. When i was 6-10 years old my main reading material was thefolklore and mythologies of all cultures – greek, roman, egyptian, chinese, christian, jewish. I never realized anyone takes fairytales seriously until quite late. When you grow up seeing the old and new testament as equal to Zeus’ shenaingans in the shape of a swan, it really gives a sense of perspective :D

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