100 Reasons I’m Childfree (MOVED!)

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  1. I couldn’t agree more, I’m glad there is another me out there. Looking forward to reading more. Have a great child free weekend. xo

  2. Brilliant! Not that you should ever have to justify your child-free CHOICE. I did a very similar list on my blog, and I had to keep adding to it when I thought of a new one! It’s currently at around 140-something.

    • Julie Was Here

      Oh, yes, I’m very sure I could have made this list much longer if I really wanted to.
      But you’re right, I don’t have to justify my choice to be childfree. I think being asked why I don’t want kids is the wrong question. Why should I want kids?
      I’ve just made a very extensive list of reasons I shouldn’t, but the list of good reasons that I should is, tellingly, empty. The list of reasons I just gave for not wanting kids is completely irrelevant in light of this fact. I have no reason to have kids, that’s all the reason that I need not to.

  3. Hello, when I was 30-something or 40-something, I had to make my list of the reasons for not having kids.
    However, I don’t have to, because I have never been asked “Why haven’t you had kids yet?

  4. I have always known that i want children someday , I have also always known that you don’t , and i have never felt the need to ask you why you don’t want any , if i have i can’t remember and it would have been for conversational reasons rather then having any problem with it , besides , as somebody unable to have children , with laws greatly restricting my ability to adopt in place i have come under the conclusion that people take the ability to easily adopt children for granted and insist on bringing new children into an already overpopulated world. yes i am getting slightly off subject but its a valid point either way.

  5. We share a lot of similar reasons. I don’t think I specifically listed daycare costs in my list, but when I started working in one it became a clear reason not to have kids. Coworkers are paying anywhere from 420-810 dollars a month for one or two children in daycare and that’s with a discount. I can think of many other things to do with that money. I love that you mention eating in peace. I barely want to cook for myself sometimes, and the times I don’t want to and can’t talk my husband into making anything it’s a sandwich or cereal. If I had kids I’d actually have to be responsible to make sure they’re getting something reasonably healthy. And young children either have to be helped with eating or make a mess of attempting to learn. I’m sure my dogs would be happy to have the extra table scraps, but I wouldn’t be happy to have the extra cleanup. I think more than just reasons to be childfree, a lot of these have become reasons I appreciate being childfree.

    • Julie Was Here

      I can’t imagine blowing $800/mo on daycare. You could pay the mortgage on a decent house for that kind of money. That 4 bedroom house on a 1/4 acre lot I mentioned in Our Childfree Life? My mortgage payment on that, including taxes and insurance, is only $900 and something. And real estate is a valuable investment. You get something out of your money. With kids, the money is just being thrown into the breeze, and THEN you still have to pay for housing!

      • I know right. That is very true. That’s pretty awesome :-) We live on an army installation, so fortunately there’s no paying for housing for us at the moment, but I agree at least real estate is an investment.

  6. I loved your list and the one on Childfreedom too! If I were to write a list of reasons, I think I’d get stuck after ten just going off the top of my head.

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