Anti-Childfree Clichés

In a five-part series of posts on my other blog, I wrote at length about my experience with a woman on a favorite site of mine, My OB Said What?!? In the comments section of one post there, I made the off-hand comment that stupid/abusive doctors are one of the many reasons I’ll never have kids. This decision of mine was immediately attacked by a self-described “pro-natalist,” despite the fact that I made it clear that I was only speaking for myself. The exchange between this person and myself  makes up the first four parts of the series.

The final part, I’m happy to say, is much more positive. It’s not that I need to be validated, or given permission, but the support and understanding offered by another commenter on that site who’d seen the whole thing was refreshing.

Rather than repost the whole series, I’ll just link to them.

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  1. I love that comic. I guess it is funny because it is so true. When childfree people are so disliked, it is great to find a friend amidst the negativity.

    Thanks for a laugh!

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